Few people seem to realize that traveling can actually increase their money. But not just any sort of travel will accomplish this aim, one must have a certain plan of where one wants to travel. With American money (or a strong currency) and the right plan, one may increase his or her assets with little difficulty.

The American dollar, British Pound and the Euro are usually some of the strongest and most stable currencies in the world. When your money is taken to certain countries and exchanged into the local currency your money can increase in worth one, three, even five times or more from its previous value. This kind of increase makes world travel very possible - simply by crossing the borders of some countries your bankroll instantly increases in value.

Sometimes to go faster you need to slow down. Traveling for short vacations can be expensive due to the high costs of plane tickets and getting temporarily settled into a new location. However, traveling for extended periods of time (for a month or several years) actually saves money through the decrease of major transportation costs and getting settled into a foreign place. So when taking a trip it is often best to think one big vacation (saves money) rather than a few short vacations (costs more).

When planning your trip you can aim for countries that offer a good exchange rate against your currency. You can choose one cheap country to stay in for your entire vacation, or choose several to travel to. If you are going to several countries you can plan an itinerary where several cheap countries are adjoined; for instance, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

If the countries are not neighbors you can buy a Round-The-World ticket. These tickets allow you to travel from country to country as planned within a certain period of time. Round-The-World tickets can be available for reasonable prices, their main drawback is the travel time limit.

With an itinerary to visit cheap countries (or a balance between the cheap and expensive countries) extended travel becomes very possible as your money substantially increases. You can take $1,000, travel to select countries and have that $1,000 swell to the equivalent of $3,000, $5,000 or more. So save up, make a simple plan and you're on your way.

Travel Course: The Budget System

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