Generally speaking there are two kinds of people. They are:

1) Those who blame others for their misfortunes.

2) Those who blame themselves for their misfortunes.

The first group lacks control over their destiny because they place responsibility for themselves with others, and one cannot control others.

The second group has control over their destiny because they place responsibility with themselves, not others, and one can control oneself.

The difference between these two groups is vast, and it spells the difference between success or failure. Those who always whine about their problems being the fault of others will continue to be doomed to failure because they are giving the power to control circumstances to others.

"I don't have enough money because my friend..."

"I was fired because my boss..."

" I can't do what I want because my family..."

Do you notice how weak these statements are for the individual's control? It is words and thoughts like these that transfer power to others.

On the other hand those who take responsibility for their problems and misfortunes have personal power. One can control oneself and therefore one can change undesirable situations.

"I don't have enough money because I..."

"I was fired because I..."

"I haven't done what I want because I..."

Notice that these statements provide power to the individual. By thinking this way one is able to look inside oneself to find the personal reason for the unfortunate situation and to learn from it to change circumstances.

Person #1: "I don't have enough money because my friend won't pay his share of the rent. I can't do anything about this because it's not my fault."

Person #2: "I don't have enough money because I allow my friend to avoid paying his share of the rent. I must take the appropriate action to get my friend to pay up or I will go somewhere else."

Person #1 lacks power. Person #2 has power. Consider yourself for a moment. Do you have or lack power? Do you take control of yourself or allow others to take control of you?

Spend some time with this exercise. Write down your answers and any ideas you have into your notebook. This exercise could be just what you need to gain control over your life.

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