Lone Wolf Adventure Travel Course:

How to Travel the World on $35 a Day or Less

(Without Sacrificing Any Fun!)

Travel! Adventure! The words conjure images of trekking remote locations, living with Indians, having a dream vacation, participating in extreme sports, making new discoveries, learning about new cultures and about yourself. Travel and adventure are drugs that stimulate adrenaline to course through the body making one feel alive. They are antidotes to monotony and closed mindedness. Travel and adventure molds lives into works of art.

Contrary to popular belief, travel does not need to be expensive. In fact, spending less money traveling is often more rewarding than spending more. This course shows you how to travel the world on only $35 a day or less.

Part I: Beginning The Quest

How to Travel the World

The Tao Travel Philosophy of the Independent Traveler

The Types of Travelers: Tourist, Traveler, Adventurer

Conformity vs Individuality: Think Beyond the Boundaries

Participate In Foreign Cultures

Constructive Conflict

The Pearl Of Opportunity

The Two Kinds Of People

Roll With The Punches

Part II: How To Plan Your Travels

Independent Travel

Research and Money

How To Multiply Your Money While Traveling

The Budget System

What To Pack

A Word On Languages

Getting Into Foreign Countries

Overcome Initial Resistance

Planning Vs. Winging It

Part III: On The Road Logistics

Keeping In Touch


Clothing and Laundry

Eating and Drinking


Your Travel Journal

Part IV: Protect Yourself

General Safety

Protect Your Home While Away

Transportation and City Streets


Money and Document Security





Drugs and Alcohol


Part V: Transportation


Buses and Subways



Other Means Of Transportation

Part VI: Places To Sleep


Hospitality Exchange Programs


Motels and Hotels

Other Places To Sleep

Part VII: The Traveler/Adventurer

Live As If You Were Going To Die

Part VIII: Electives

Free Travel: How to Get "All Expenses Paid" Vacations

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